Matters needing attention

1. each member (the same account / the same IP address, the same phone number, email address and the same domain and the same computer) limit to apply for a 100 point registration courtesy preferential points, the other successful registration within three days after the binding of bank account, may apply again raised 88 discount point number.
2. eligible members receive the highest 188 credit bonus award.
3., if the member fails to successfully bind the bank account within three days after the completion of the registration, it can not apply for binding success, 88 discount.
4. points must be equal to or more than 50 single bets, and completed 10 times water prize money awards party, with preferential withdrawals qualifications.
5. eligible members are required to complete bank account binding within three days after registration and apply in the preferential activity area, which is invalid after time limit.
6. has applied for membership of the network electronic membership card discount, does not apply to this discount.
7. all the betting must have the winning calculation, any cancellation of the event, the game and risk-free betting, are calculated for the activities of the single effective injection.
8. the Royal Pavilion will have the right to adjust the content of the activity, and may amend and stop the offer at any time without prior notice. If a member is found to have violated a preferential rule or used any improper means to obtain a favourable offer, he may cancel the award and return the proceeds from the award.
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