A variety of choice changes that make the game change

Free information by using this method, casino game is not top-down, but from the bottom up, entertainment city through the establishment of a new first storage bonus points and control system to support the implementation of the game at the same time, also lost the game in flexibility, diverse selection of changes of the game changes is more difficult, in the long run in the uncertain environment, entertainment city, should avoid the use of harmful to the so slightly flexible measures.

Make each contribution in the process of game formulation and Implementation

Free information platform for the use of collective wisdom, entertainment city and city entertainment platform to the other layers of the live dealer a full discussion of casino game problems, one caused by formed opinions, formulate the game in one step into carrying out the game, each game player will be able to make their own contribution in the process the formulation and implementation of the game.

Game skills bring many unexpected benefits 1

Game game player Free information who meet the needs of the game can be full of culture and entertainment, cultural entertainment enterprises in the belly, the core is based on a shape of all entertainment city people shared values to promote casino success, cooperation is the large entertainment Free used by information, the key is that it can to bring a lot of tiredness that casino in entertainment benefits.

The market of the strategic goal of cultural entertainment stimulates the fun activities

Free information entertainment only continue to adapt and change with time, to take the essence of the spirit of the times, to meet the needs of society, to seize market opportunities, to travel to game player, otherwise it will be eliminated by the times, Free information deep understanding of target customers, penetration of culture, which is the core of cultural marketing. It is necessary to make full use of the cultural force to achieve the amusement of the amusement city’s strategic goal.

Storage of points and specific arrangements for the support and coordination of personnel

Free information relates to the Entertainment Department of entertainment city, and it is inseparable from the support and cooperation of other departments in the entertainment city. Therefore, the return of the dividends should clearly stipulate the responsible department of the game. The goal of the game is determined by organizing staff in the Department, storing and giving points, and arranging personnel to carry out specific tasks. They are responsible for setting up the game site, arranging the contents of the stored value and giving gifts, and training the game writers.

Stimulating fun plays an effect on target group entertainment

China began to have Free information in the application of the game, mainly for brand promotion, PR, game player analysis, customer service and support, a multiplayer game two one occasionally published several articles of high dividend news or game articles, play the role of information transfer Entertainment City, the game of luxury style can attract a common love of people, exciting plays for the target group of entertainment.

Market positioning and game differentiation are closely related

Who will use this one game? Free information manual service? The preliminary measure to target selection and game player, the background information of this data with respondents (such as gender, age, income, etc.) for cross analysis or cluster analysis and the possibility to use, can understand the characteristics of the target market positioning and the game player. Although the game differences are closely related, but there is an essential difference.

The entertainment city has created a unique market image to achieve

Free information through the analysis of the potential game player survey data to determine whether the new game concept attractive enough for the potential game player, what is the most ideal goal of the game, new game concept of success, then the decision whether to abandon a new game concept, market positioning is through the creation of a distinctive personality for their game thus, to create a unique image of the market to achieve.