The first store is on delivery credit bonus

Honorable fortune VIP enjoy VIP privilege
1. every 8 months, good luck on 8 monthly payment of a special Betfair; good luck gold 888 credit bonus.
2. VIP gift promotion promotion gifts 888 credit bonus
3. exclusive customer service manager VIP one to one service
4. VIP birthday gift 888 credit bonus, as a blessing
The 5. VIP deposit acceleration channel is provided by the exclusive customer service manager, and we follow the 3 minute deposit and arrival service principle
6. VIP withdrawals independent channel service by the exclusive customer service manager, VIP members to deal with the more efficient.
7., the monthly total camp leader to more than 880 thousand can get “icing on the cake”, 1% as a gold incentive
A total of 8. monthly losses reached more than 880 thousand can be obtained “2%” as a consolation gold timely assistance
9. VIP through the company’s income donated 0.5% extra money
10., to join the noble fortune VIP, that is, a card reader Taiwan